I now use the videos for students to complete the handouts and practice while I can meet with small groups to supplement with skill building related to the handouts. Accountability has been shifted to students to use the videos for instruction and to take responsibility for their own learning. I am more of a facilitator, helping them “get it”.

MICHELLE, 8th grade math teacher

It has saved me so much time with planning and I can spend more time at home with my family. I teach 6th through 8th and algebra 1 so it normally takes a long time to plan. Everything is cohesive and helps transition from year to year. The videos are also wonderful. I use them in one of my classes as a flipped classroom. I also use the videos for when students are absent and it helps them to not get behind. I am so grateful that I am able to use this curriculum.

SARA, MIDDLE SCHOOL math teacher

Would you love to be an All Access member, but afraid it may not be in your budget?

Below are 4 ways to get All Access funded for you:

1. Obtain funding through your school

Ask your school leadership to support you in providing the materials needed to meet the standards. While schools don’t have unlimited funds, they do have access to funding and in many cases, curriculum qualifies. Many districts allocate funds at the campus level and our team at Maneuvering the Middle has had great success working with schools through campus budgets. This webpage shares helpful information about All Access and Maneuvering Math Intervention for administrators

Our team will work to complete any necessary paperwork to make the process as seamless as possible. Maneuvering the Middle ® is a part of the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative. 

For more information on school orders and to request a quote, click here

2. Get All Access funded through Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a funding website specifically designed for public and public charter school teachers who work with students at least 75% of the time. If you qualify, you can create a project and then work to get it funded by not only family and friends, but through the Donors Choose community of corporations and matching donations.

Projects with a cost of less than $300 are typically more successful and they have four months to be funded.

Once you are funded, contact us for the necessary information and we will work with Donors Choose to get your All Access account created.

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3. Enter our giveaways for a chance to win AN ALL ACCESS license

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4. Get All Access funded by your school PTO

Oftentimes, PTOs have small grants that they offer to classroom teachers. Contact your PTO and see if they would be willing to support your students and classroom by providing you with a membership to All Access. 

You can create a quote and send your PTO a sample of the resources to get the process started. 

“I just wanted to email you and thank you and your team for all you do! This year my 8th grade math team and i used your entire curriculum and we saw scores that we have never seen before (93% passing)! I work at a low income Title 1 school where majority of my kids came to me hating math and over half did not pass the STAAR test the year before. I seriously believe that because of your materials my students started to actually enjoy math. I personally used almost everything in the curriculum and my students grew this year more than I could have imagined! Every student but 1 passed the STAAR test this year and this is coming from the same group of students who came to me with less than half passing during 7th grade!

I just want to say THANK YOU! You have a truly made a difference in not only my teaching but many others on my campus as well!!”

HAYLEY, 8th grade math teacher

This was the best resource for a first year teacher. I found it super helpful, because I was worried of what or how to go about teaching math to my students. I know that I can ask my colleagues in my department to help but MTM was so helpful! I was able to understand how to teach my students to where they understand as well it helped me mentally to prepare what we are going over in the classroom. I feel the biggest win was definitely how open the material is and how easy it is to access the materials.


In the spring semester, I “flipped” my classroom. I used the video resources for students to complete notes at an individual pace, rather than whole group. This encouraged student engagement rather than simply “looking engaged.” At the end of the semester, a student who struggled in math in the past told me he thought he could teach a math lesson now, and I have NO DOUBT that he could!!



Math curriculum designed to meet students’ needs and empower teachers

  • Are you looking to boost your confidence and effectiveness?
  • Do you want to be equipped with content knowledge and best math teaching practices?
  • Would you like to be confident that students are experiencing standards-aligned instruction?


A license to use the resources for one year


Hi, I'm Noelle!

Maneuvering the Middle began as a solution to a need. A need to have standards-aligned resources that empowered teachers and engaged students!

Other materials were lacking – not fully aligned to the standards, dry and repetitive, missing true scaffolding that students need.

Almost a decade later, Maneuvering the Middle strives to empower teachers through high-quality math resources, so that math is both engaging and attainable for kids. 

Maneuvering the Middle resources are designed to be attainable for students, standards-based in design, rich in real-world application, and flexible in implementation. Thousands of teachers across the country use our resources and we are constantly working to improve them for you and your students!