Hello, hello!  I wanted to formally introduce myself and share the story behind Maneuvering the Middle.  I’m Noelle Pickering, and I started teaching in 2006.  Armed with your typical pre-service teaching experience, I was selected to be part of an internship program.  It was through that program that I was gifted with an incredible mentor, Cindy.  Her ENTIRE job was to support five new math teachers.  What a gift!  She taught everything from how to sketch a 3D figure, to planning and writing an assessment, and how to communicate mathematical concepts to kids. 

Over the next year or so, I was able to begin creating activities and developing my own lessons to use with my students.  It was magical to see their faces light up when a concept clicked or to hear how much they loved math, but my favorite part was seeing their confidence grow!

A few years later, I didn’t realize how much Cindy had taught me until I moved across the state and found myself in a room where planning looked much more like moving section by section through a textbook.  Yikes.

I will never forget when a district math director came into my classroom to watch a lesson and asked, “Where did you get these?” pointing to my activity.  I was immediately nervous, until she commented that she liked it. 

I kept thinking about that interaction, the planning I was supposed to be doing with the textbook and how it didn’t even fully line up with the standards.

In 2013, I started Maneuvering the Middle as a side hobby and one woman show. Now, we have an entire team of geniuses behind us at Maneuvering the Middle who are laser-focused on supporting teachers — from customer service and technology to curriculum design. Our non-negotiable is creating standards-based resources that teachers can trust in their classroom. Thousands of teachers across the country use our resources and we are constantly working to improve them for you and your students!

We believe that the combination of a teacher who cares and engaging materials can’t be beat in the classroom. Thanks for allowing us to partner with you!



Noelle Pickering

It was inevitable that Noelle would become a teacher one day as she spent many summers helping her grandmother decorate her elementary classroom, and later played “school” by teaching her younger siblings how to add and subtract.  

After five years of teaching math to 6th-9th grade students, she transitioned into an instructional coaching role.  It was then that she found her true joy of supporting educators!  She considers it a great privilege to lead the MTM team and support educators across the country. Offline, Noelle can be found cheering on her boys at their various sporting events and considers dinner on a patio to be her version of fine dining.


Michael Pickering

Michael became MTM employee number two without realizing it! What started as helping Noelle a little on nights and weekends, quickly evolved into a change of careers. After three years in logistics and six years on staff at their church, Michael joined the MTM team full time in 2017. He spends his days putting his business school education into action by running the operations side of the business. When not in an excel spreadsheet, Michael enjoys traveling, good coffee and coaching his boys’ sports teams.


Kim Dierks

Kim first dreamt of becoming a math teacher in the 5th grade. Her childhood hopes became reality after studying education in college and then teaching 7th and 8th grade math for six years. Since 2016, Kim has channeled her desire to make more students “math people” by writing curriculum with MTM. She strives to create resources that are sure to help students and teachers alike thrive in the math classroom. When she’s not writing curriculum, you can find her enjoying family time at the lake, eating a sprinkled donut or singing Disney songs with her two daughters.


Tyne Brack

After graduating with her degree in architecture and design, Tyne turned her sights to the classroom. During her six years teaching middle and high school math, she discovered that she enjoyed sharing her experiences and began contributing to the MTM blog.  Today, she works to share practical teaching ideas on the MTM blog, supports our MTM teacher collaboration in our Facebook group, and enhances our resources with her graphic design skills.  Tyne and her husband love to spend their weekends tackling home projects and playing with their two daughters.


Sara Price

Growing up in a home with two parents who were educators, Sara knew she was destined to be part of the education world. Because of her love for sarcasm and eye rolling, she spent five years teaching math to high schoolers. Her passion was to help every student believe that they could do math. She brings that passion into writing student-centered curriculum on the MTM team.  She hasn’t lost that love of sarcasm as she raises four children and spends her free time finding critters, throwing footballs, and having dance parties with her family.


Angie Heinemann

Long time lover of math and all things numbers, Angie used her degree in mathematics to teach high schoolers for 3 years. After a few years at home raising her two sons, Angie joined the MTM team to be a second, third, and sometimes fourth set of eyes ensuring that resources are grammatically and mathematically correct. She loves improving the resources and is giddy at every opportunity to solve math problems. Outside of work, Angie embraces the roles of soccer mom, snack lady and lego organizer.


Rachel Erwin

Rachel joined our team with 11 years of various customer service roles in higher education. She enjoys using her degree in communications to serve and assist each MTM teacher, so they can be most effective in their classroom. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to explore new places with her husband and three kids, growing and arranging flowers that can endure the Central Texas heat, and watching a good movie.